Bilinguale CERG

For de norsktalende der ute kan vi også meddele at bloggen til dels vil være tospråklig i den forstand at vi også tar for oss lokalnytt og temaer av spesiell interesse kun for nordmenn, men da heller på norsk.

For å oppfordre alle til å dele sine erfaringer og tanker ønsker vi at terskelen ikke skal være for høy, så hvis du føler deg mer bekvem på norsk enn engelsk oppfordrer vi deg likevel til å bidra!

Welcome to the CERG exercise blog!

The Cardiac Exercise Research Group at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology is vibrant group of researchers dedicated to excellence in science to contribute tp the battle against lifestyle-related diseases. We rely on both top-down and bottom-up approaches to find the underlying cellular and molecular mechanisms of how exercise benefits the heart. To read more about the group or our research, check out our website: (or for Norwegian-speakers).

The purpose of this blog is to provide further insight into the daily on-goings of the group, and share things we come across that might be of interest to the exercise-loving community, as well as our personal takes on exercise. We’re a large group, consisting of 2 professors, 5 research fellows, 11 post docs, 13 PhD candidates and various other staff under the leadership of Professor Ulrik Wisløff, and you can expect to hear from many of us over the course of the next several months.

We also look forwards to hearing from you! Please share your exercise experiences in the comments, and suggestions for anything you’d like us to blog more about.