Let your dog talk you into exercise!

According to a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, people owning dogs are more physically active than non-dog owners. Being a dog owner was associated with more walking and leisure time activity compared to in non-dog owners. The odds for obtaining at least 150 minutes per week of total walking were 34% higher for dog owners compared to non-dog owners, with higher levels of moderate and vigorous activity. In a study of older subjects (70-80 years old), dog-owners were more likely to do regular walking if they had a dog companion rather than a human. Despite increased leisure time activity in dog-owners, a great portion of dog-owners do not walk or exercise with their dog. If you are a dog owner, forget about bad weather and let your dog “talk you into” daily outdoor exercise.

Written by Trine Karlsen, Post Doctor at CERG.

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