The Science of Santa

This is for those of our English readers who lament missing out on the advent calendar – a little silliness to get you through the dark times; the Physics of Christmas!

Photo credit: The Economist

In what is likely a never-ending debate, this great Economist column presents both a new 3D movie about North Pole logistics, as well as a delightful book, “The Physics of Christmas: From the Aerodynamics of Reindeer to the Thermodynamics of Turkey” by former editor of the New Scientist, Roger Highfield.

Can it be done?
It’s the ageless question in a new form – would it theoretically be possible to deliver all those presents with such limited time? With a tongue-in-cheek tone to counter some of the Very Serious reporting that The Economist normally does, the column is well worth the read. Nevertheless, I’ll give you the ending to prevent undue distress: With an aircraft at 6,000 Mach, some special relativity or on-site nanobot manufacturing, Santa should get to your house just fine this year too. 😉

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