2012 CERG Biathlon

Thursday March 29 was the CERG Ski Day, and here are some results and pictures.

Congratulations to all CERG biathletes! You all did an amazing relay at the ski day! How much fun was this on the BORG scale? 20? Who could have guessed that we were so good at shooting targets 🙂

A special congratulation to the winning team and the two other podium teams 

  • Number 1 – Bianco, Kjersti and Arnt Erik
  • Number 2 – Javaid, Toril and Camilla
  • Number 3 – Parvinder, Trine K and Bjarne

Also, congratulations to the award winners:

  • Parvinder – Best achievement
  • Zuzana – Best shooter (9 hits)
  • Javaid – Best overall performance

Thanks to Trondheim Skiskytterklubb for arranging the relay for us! Next time we’ll aim for snow, skiing, standing shooting and fewer people home sick.

By Trine K, Arnt-Erik, Ragnhild and Inger Lise.

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