The fitness calculator in new version

During the last few months our fitness calculator has spread all around the world, and has been tested by more than 1.5 million people. When answering a few questions about physical activity and physiological measures, the calculator provides information about estimated VO2max, which is a well established measure of fitness. You also get to know you “fitness age” – meaning, your physical condition compared to the result of direct measurement of VO2max in a healthy population aged 20-90 years  (the HUNT study). In a previous blog post we have explained the background and how to understand the results in details.

One of the main purposes of our research group is to uncover how to treat and prevent major societal health problems, such as obesity and cardiovascular disease. We approach the issues from multiple angles, ranging from large epidemiological studies to studying the molecular mechanisms activated by physical training.

The fact that the fitness calculator has become so popular, gave us an idea: Why not collect this information in a database, in order to increase the knowledge of maximal oxygen uptake and cardiovascular health in a greater population than earlier?

wfl2Today we therefore launch our VO2max calculator in a new and extended version. After entering your data you will be asked for your consent to storing data for future research. It is 100 % anonymous, and no identifying information is required. However, you are totally able to decline, and use the calculator only for your own information as before.

Try out the new fitness calculator here!

2 thoughts on “The fitness calculator in new version

  1. I just used your fitness calculator and the VO2 max it calculated was about half of that recently measured by an exercise physiologist (about 2 months ago, with the same stats as I gave for your calculator). I would say it’s therefore not very accurate.

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