Can protein powder be dangerous?

Proteinshake. Foto: iStockWho needs protein powder?
How much do you have to exercise for it to be necessary with protein supplements?
Are there any risks associated with consuming protein powder?

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Anyone can ask questions of researchers in the Faculty of Medicine at NTNU Faculty blog. CERG just got av question and we want to share this with our own readers too:


Is there any research on protein powder?
Who needs it?
How much do you have to exercise for it to be necessary with protein supplements?
Are there any risks associated with consuming protein powder?


Proteinshake. Foto: iStock

Proteinshake. Foto: iStockSvar:

Although enough protein is essential to achieve the optimal benefit of exercise, it is sufficient energy which is important for promoting muscle growth (in addition to training method). If you are physically active and have a healthy, varied diet there is no reason to worry that your protein intake is inadequate. On the other hand, those who do not get enough protein through diet, definitely benefit from protein supplements. But why not try to change your diet for the better instead of spending money on supplements? Isn’t  it completely irrational to replace the natural nutrients with powder shakes when we have access to all kinds of foods? In periods of heavy training you might include a few extra glasses of milk or eat other foods that are good sources of protein.

To adopt the recommendations of the protein is initially found to be dangerous for people who are healthy and do not have kidney problems. Although it is not often that it happens, one should be aware of a risk that sport product can be “contaminated” during the production of substances on the prohibited list, this especially if you choose manufacturers who also engaged in the production of other products with such substances in.

Read more about protein supplements and see how much protein you need campared to you amount of exercise in the post “Are protein supplements necessary when training?” Which was published on CERG‘s blog last year.

Siri Marte Hollekim-Strand, stipendiat i CERG

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