Taking 4×4 intervaltraining to Japan

invasive cardiologist MD,Ph.D. Shigenori Ito from Nagoya City East Medical Center visiting CERG.Les dette innlegget på norsk her!

Last week we had the pleasure of having invasive cardiologist MD,Ph.D. Shigenori Ito from Nagoya City East Medical Center as a guest in our research group for three days. Dr. Ito was interested in how to perform high intensity interval training (HIT) in cardiac patients and wanted to see practical demonstrations of this.

He got to speak to the leaders of all our groups to see how we work with HIT in translational cardiovascular medicine. He visited the Center for Exercise in medicine at St. Olavs Hospital, Trondheim University Hospital witch our group is a part of. Here he got to see examples of how they use exercise in rehabilitation of heart patients at St. Olavs Hospital.

Ito also attended several of our exercise classes in both spinning and uphill walking/running for elderly witch is a big part of our project Generation 100.

We wish Dr. Ito good luck with implementing HIT at Nagoya City East Medical Center, and want to thank him for showing such interest in our work. We are looking forward to reports from Nagoya on HIT.

 Andrea Hegdahl Tiltnes, Communication Advisor at CERG


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