Are you fitter than a lab rat?

Kondistesting under Ungdommens forskernatt 2014.Les dette innlegget på norsk her!

That wast the question we asked high school students during Researcher’s Night at the Science building, Gløshaugen at NTNU last Friday. This is an event held during the Science Days, an annual festival where various research institutes are invited to showcase their work. Before the weekend, hundreds of high school students attended this event to meet researchers at various stands. There was everything from flying drones to the three of us from CERG with a stationary bike and equipment for measuring maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max). Read also: The fitness calculator in new version The idea behind our stand was that the students could see how they measured up with the physical fitness of a lab rat. In addition, they could try our fitness calculator. We tested VO2max the entire night and many youngsters got bogged down on our bike. Both the atmosphere and lactic acid concentration was through the roof, and it was not long before someone managed to beat the rat. It should then perhaps be mentioned that this rat had pretty severe heart failure.

Read also: How to understand our fitness calculator Beforehand, we were excited about how we could compete against Segway driving and flying drones, as well as if the fitness calculator would correspond with the actual test. However, it proved to be very popular to try the bike and the calculator delivered as promised! Maybe today’s youth are not as lazy as everyone says? The youngsters were eager and we got questions on everything from how to test VO2max on a rat, to why people move their arms when they run. There was a lot of curiosity and who knows; maybe we recruited some promising young exercise physiologist? Fredrik Hjulstad Bækkerud, PhD student at CERG

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