Does combined endurance and strength training limit adaptations in muscle strength and size?

Testing Cross Fit BondiThe last years more and more people are going to the gym to get fit and the Norwegian people are training like they never have before. At the same time there has been a shift in focus where more and more people care not only about the health, but also the performance aspect of training. Many want strong and big muscles, while simultaneously having a good cardiorespiratory fitness. This leads to some worry and questions about whether endurance training alongside strength training can limit the adaptations in muscular strength and size.

A meta-analysis in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research has looked into this question. This kind of analysis gathers all the previous research of a high quality and analyzes it together. This gives them a lot of data that makes them able to draw some conclusions the individual studies might not have been able to, such as if the effect of different endurance training modalities matter.

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