Which training effects are obtained by following our 7-week program?

Roger Tangvik under kondisjonstest på tredemølleOn our website we have a seven-week training program present to give you who follow us a simple recipe for improved fitness and health. This program is designed as an aid to getting started with exercise, and is designed both for those who hate and those who love to exercise. It is based on our previous studies on effective training, but is deliberately made more time-efficient to fit into a busy schedule. We’ve however never really tested exactly whether this program gives a good training effect – Until now.

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Right after Christmas the largest norwegian newspaper, VG, visited us, and researchers Dorthe Stenvold and Øivind Rognmo promised that the program would make you fit within seven weeks. This was related to a previous story VG has written on how to get in shape by using just this program, a story that has been VG+ best-selling story ever. Now we would test out the 7 week program.

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VG and CERG challenged five people to test out the program, and we did health and fitness checks before and after. Participants were the couples Roger (48) and Marit (50), and Berit (74) and Einar (75), and also the former extreme-rower Emil (31). In VG+ you can now read how it went (only in Norwegian). Below some pictures of the testing of the participants in our training laboratories at NTNU at St. Olav’s Hospital.

Øivind Rognmo, Reasearcher at CERG

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