Which training effects are obtained by following our 7-week program?

Roger Tangvik under kondisjonstest på tredemølleOn our website we have a seven-week training program present to give you who follow us a simple recipe for improved fitness and health. This program is designed as an aid to getting started with exercise, and is designed both for those who hate and those who love to exercise. It is based on our previous studies on effective training, but is deliberately made more time-efficient to fit into a busy schedule. We’ve however never really tested exactly whether this program gives a good training effect – Until now.

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How to turn back the clock? – Lowering you fitness age is simpler than you may think

Print screen of article in Self MagazineYour fitness level is an important factor for good health and a long life. Based on our studies that show that, we made our fitness calculator where you can find your fitness age.

The American woman’s magazine Self asked the leader of CERG, professor Ulrik Wisløff, to make a program for improving fitness. The article is in the March issue of the magazine, and here you can find the web article with the two week program by Wisløff.

“Lowering you fitness age is simpler than you may think. Just mix some high intensity interval training (HIIT) into your workout. Here’s why: Study participants who had the highest Vo2Max scores (a measure of how efficiently you use  oxygen) were also the healthiest and lived the longest.” Self Magazine writes.

We have had a 7 week exercise program on our website for a long time, now we have improved it and made a new design with pictures of the strength exercises. Many of you have also asked for advice for what to do after the 7 weeks. Professor Wisløff has now made a 7 week follow up program too. You can find it here!

We hope you find our exercise program useful. Good luck with getting and keeping good health!