CitySmart in Brisbane

Bike road in Brisbane

Would you take your bike or your feet to work on this road? This picture is from the beautiful bike and walkway in Brisbane, Australia. Spending time here made us very happy. On the pathway numerous walkers and runners passed us, and a great deal of people bike to work. The beautiful pathways along the Brisbane river is a part of the CitySmart project. The aim of the project was to turn Brisbane into the most sustainable city in Austrailia, and last year they made it!

To make it easy and beautiful to use active transportation not only saves energy, but gives a lot of people better health and quality of life. Earlier this month we attended the first workshop aiming to make our own city, Trondheim a Smart City. Visiting Brisbane has given us a lot of inspiration and ideas to bringe home.

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Andrea Hegdahl Tiltnes, Communications Advisor and Trine Karlsen, Researcher

– The feeling in the shower is pretty hard to beat

Sykkel. Foto: Lasse Berre“There are several reasons why I exercise. Here are the top three:
1) It clears my head.
2) It will probably help me live longer.
3) The feeling I have in the shower after a good exercise is pretty hard to beat!;)”
Lasse Berre, Norwegian photographer


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