Communication of scientific data – The CERG approach

Professor Ulrik Wisløff speaking under Bondi Fitness Festival. Rowers in front. Audience in the backgroundCommunication and dissemination is an important part of the research chain. Unfortunately, scientists too often overlook communication with the general public, or tend to speak our ”tribal” language, making it hard to understand the implications of scientific results.

Within the CERG group we work hard with this aspect, and try to reach out to the general public through several social media channels, user-friendly health and physical activity tools, media contributions, welcoming visitors to our lab, and attendance at both scientific and public events. Having many followers of our work humbles us, and we hope our effort in communicating the implications of our research is helping as many people as possible.

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The fitness age of crossfitters

Last week we measured maximal oxygen uptake in several crossfit athletes at Crossfit Bondi. Below you can read about how their age corresponded with their fitness age.

See video and pictures from the tests in this post: How fit are crossfitters?

Crossfit Bondi Testing


Cross fit is a workout method using a combination og endurance and strength exercise training, implementing the interval exercise principle quite a bit during training. During the Bondi Fitness Festival Professor Ulrik Wisløff presented the results from the maximal oxygen uptake testing at Bondi Corssfit, together with a presentation of our main reserach focus and results, in addition to a demonstration of high intensity interval training performed by the two Crossfit Bondi members, Carlo and Cora.

The men at Crossfit Bondi had an average maximal oxygen uptake of 50 mL/kg/min, and with a mean biological age of  33 years old, their fitness age corresponded to 24 years of age.

The women at Crossfit Bondi had an average maximal oxygen uptake of 50 mL/kg/min as well, and with a mean biological age of  35, their fitness age corresponded to 18 years of age, making them relative more fit than the men tested.

Find your fitness age by using our Fitness Calculator thet you can find here!



How fit are crossfitter’s?

Tuseday we had a full day of vo2 max testing at Cross Fit Bondi. A fantastic gang who gave it all. Fun to meet so many great people, and test for us a new form of exercise. The results will be presentet at Bondi Fitness Festival on Friday, and today we have analyzed the results and prepared the presentations. If you are in Sydney and wants to join us, buy tickets here!

Meanwihle, enjoy this pictures and video from the testing.


What’s the energy cost of cross fit?

We are going to find out that tomorrow when we are testing 17 members of Cross Fit Bondi. Today we were at the cross fit club to set up and test the equipment. We tested Richard Thomas and Adam Lindsey and it worked! The testing is a part of the preparation for Bondi Fitness Festival that we are participating in on Friday. If you are in Sydney and wants to join us, buy tickets here!

We are looking forward to a bussy, but exiting day tomorrow testing from 0630 to 2000. We will keep you up to date!


Trening som medisin – Australia er et foregangsland

iStock_000011162087XSmallTrening som medisin kan utnyttes som både forebygging og behandling av de fleste livsstilssykdommer. K. G Jebsen – Senter for Hjertetrening har som mål å finne optimale treningsprogram slik at vanlige mennesker får og bevarer en god helse gjennom hele livet.

For å finne inspirasjon til organisering av trening som medisin ønsker vår forskergruppe å se til Australia. Her har man i mange år jobbet aktivt for dette både på et overordnet politisk nivå og ned til behandling av hver enkelt pasient. En viktig aktør i dette arbeidet er ESSA, Exercise and Sports Science Australia, som arbeider for implementering av forskningsbasert trening som medisin, og sertifisering av høyt utdannede fagpersoner som bruker trening som behandling.

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