Enjoy the Christmas holiday, but stay active!

juleløpingIn 1966 a legendary study from Dallas was published where they studied the effect of total inactivity for 3 weeks. After this 3 week period, the so-called “Dallas bed-rest study” found an increase in body weight, body-fat and a marked decline in fitness level. 30 years later they followed up the same participants and re-examined their health status. As one might expect after 30 years of aging, both body weight, body fat percentage and fitness declined from the happy 20s (before the 3 weeks of bed-rest). However, they found that they were in better shape after 30 years of aging than they were after 3 weeks of inactivity! What many researchers are asking now is if the decline in fitness associated with aging is caused by lower activity level with aging compared to activity level as young.

Some of this we are trying to answer with the Generation 100 study, which you can read more about in our blog here!

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Craving Christmas cookies?

This Christmas, Norwegians are going to sit 30 minutes longer by the food table than the rest of the year, according to Statistics Norway. This is of course a nice way to spend time with friends and family – but remember that what you put on the table may have long-term consequences for your health. Maybe this funny reminder from the blog www.nomoreaddedsugar.com can help you limit your fat and sugar intake during the holiday? You can also get tips for a healthier Christmas at DN Aktiv (in Norwegian).