Does training intensity differ with upper vs. lower body exercise?

Arnt_ErikWe are now in the first autumn month, and the winter is fast approaching. For some, this is a sad part of the year, but for others (like me) winter is something to look forward to. We have the woods with all its beautiful colors, the excitement of the first approaching snow and a chance to try out our new cross country skis.

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CERG supports Trondheim as applicant city for World Ski Championships 2021

VM på skiIn June this year, in Cancun Mexico, the International Ski Federation will decide who will host the Nordic World Ski Championships in 2021. Together with Oberstdorf (Germany) and Planica (Czech republic) our hometown Trondheim is official applicant city. Next year it is twenty years since Trondheim hosted the successful 1997 Championships in Nordic disciplines.

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Exercise makes life is a breeze

Niklas Dyrhaug under åpningen av verdenscup i langren 2014“There are only positive reasons to exercise. I exercise towards my ambitious goals, but most of all I exercise because it is good for the body and because it gives me energy in my everyday life. Exercise makes life is a breeze”

Niklas Dyrhaug, professional cross country skier

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