Greetings from guest researcher Kassia

kassiaFor the past 2 weeks I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit NTNU from The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia by the generous bequest of the Alf Howard Travel Scholarship from the School of Human Movement Studies. I’m currently in the 3rd year of my PhD at UQ under the supervision of Professor Jeff Coombes. One of my studies in high intensity interval training in chronic kidney disease patients will stand to benefit greatly from observing the research techniques used by the CERG team, with their vast experience in the field of high intensity exercise in chronic disease populations. Here I have learnt how to perform mitochondrial respiration, which will hopefully provide additional insight into the pathogenesis of the muscle atrophy that occurs in chronic kidney disease patients, and whether or not this can be ameliorated with exercise training. I have learnt so much from my time here at NTNU, in not only the mitochondrial respiration techniques but also in many other aspects, such as the lab work with the rats and the testing and training of Generation 100 patients. Now I have experienced how fit the ‘oldies’ are here in Norway I know I have to work extra hard to get the Aussies up to their level! Thanks to everyone who I have met for not only sharing their expertise over the last 2 weeks but also for their kindness and friendship. I look forward to my next trip back to Trondheim!

Kassia Weston, PhD candidate from the University of Queensland