A Journey to Hell and Back: Man in Extreme Environments

Man in Extreme environments 2015 Justin Jonesy«A Journey to Hell and Back» is the name of the unsupported expedition to the South Pole and back, carried out by Justin Jones and James Castrission. December 18th they told their breathtaking story during our event «Man in Extreme Environment» at Brukbar/Blæst in Trondheim. Who would believe that two guys from Australia would be the first persons ever managing this? It’s a saying that Norwegians are born with skis, but Australians for sure aren’t. They skied for the very first time 15 months before the expedition started.

In fact, a Norwegian, Aleksander Gamme, could have beaten the Justin Jones and James Castrission, but he waited for the Australians three kilometers before the finish line, so they all could cross it together. Great sportsmanship from our own Aleksander Gamme.

Emil Eide Erikssen was also on stage telling his story of rowing across the Atlantic Sea. An impressing story about two years of preparing, sore buttocks, courage, and battling the harsh sea.

Three fantastic men on stage with impressive, entertaining and inspiring stories to tell, made this a great night to remember. Thank you Cas, Jones and Emil!


Communication of scientific data – The CERG approach

Professor Ulrik Wisløff speaking under Bondi Fitness Festival. Rowers in front. Audience in the backgroundCommunication and dissemination is an important part of the research chain. Unfortunately, scientists too often overlook communication with the general public, or tend to speak our ”tribal” language, making it hard to understand the implications of scientific results.

Within the CERG group we work hard with this aspect, and try to reach out to the general public through several social media channels, user-friendly health and physical activity tools, media contributions, welcoming visitors to our lab, and attendance at both scientific and public events. Having many followers of our work humbles us, and we hope our effort in communicating the implications of our research is helping as many people as possible.

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Gå ikke glipp av vinterens store happening..

.. 13. desember kl. 18:00-21:00 er det nemlig klart for foredragsserien “Man in Extreme Environments” i Storsalen på Samfundet. Denne kvelden er avslutningen på det årlige CERG-seminaret “Exercise in Medicine”, og er åpent for alle interesserte. Vi har tidligere omtalt seminaret her på bloggen.

plakat2Inngangsbillett koster 400,- og må forhåndsbestilles på nett. Dette gjør du via våre nettsider, www.ntnu.no/cerg. 

Merk at vi har et begrenset antall plasser, så vær ute i god tid – denne anledningen får du neppe igjen! Du vil høre historiene til disse kjente eventyrerne og foredragsholderne:

  • Paul Rose, profesjonell dykker, ekspedisjonsleder og programleder i BBC: The Ultimate Survival Test: Communicating Extreme Conditions
  • Børge Ousland, norsk polfarer og eventyrer: Adventures in polar exploration – sailing through the North East and North West passages
  • Christopher McDougall, amerikansk journalist og forfatter av bestselgeren “Born To Run”: The Athletes that Time Forgot: Lessons from Mexico’s Stone Age Super-Runners

Vel møtt til en inspirerende og spennende kveld på Samfundet – vi ses!

Today’s CERG seminar

The annual seminar of the CERG group has taken place today. The program consisted of updates on ongoing research in the group, which were very interesting and inspiring. The seminar was concluded with a presentation by Stig Omholt, director at Centre for Integrative Genetics (CIGENE) and professor at NTNU. He held a very interesting talk on the challenges of bioinformatics in cardiovascular disease.

There are certainly lots of exciting projects going on in the group, and judging by the amount of ideas, questions and comments from the audience, we can hope for more groundbreaking projects in the future.

Some pictures:

Very enthusiastic Natale Romes telling about aerobic exercise in diabetic mice

Svein Erik Gaustad – Generation 100

Stig Omholt

The winter came to Trondheim during the day! Hard to tell from this picture, but for people crazy about skiing and winter sport just a few snow flakes are enough to be euphoric:)