High fitness reduces risk of atrial fibrillation

Two women running outdoorOverweight, hypertension, diabetes and sleep apnea increases the risk of developing atrial fibrillation (AF). Interventions aimed at these risk factors are known to reduce the risk and improve the outcome for most cardiovascular diseases. However, there has been lacking knowledge on the effect of such interventions on AF, and there has been considerable attention on the finding that large amounts of endurance exercise increases the risk of developing AF. Recent years, there have been published some studies examining this topic.

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Why do you exercise? Tell us and join our advent calendar!

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There are millions of reasons to exercise. Everyone has their own, and they vary over time. What is your reason?

Inspired by the campaign #30for30 #reasontoexercise by Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA) throughout November, we want to hear why you exercise in this year’s advent calendar on CERG.

Share your reason along with a picture under the hashtag #CERGxmas on Instagram to join in. If you have a private Instagram profile, you can upload your photo to our International Facebookpage.

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