A Journey to Hell and Back: Man in Extreme Environments

Man in Extreme environments 2015 Justin Jonesy«A Journey to Hell and Back» is the name of the unsupported expedition to the South Pole and back, carried out by Justin Jones and James Castrission. December 18th they told their breathtaking story during our event «Man in Extreme Environment» at Brukbar/Blæst in Trondheim. Who would believe that two guys from Australia would be the first persons ever managing this? It’s a saying that Norwegians are born with skis, but Australians for sure aren’t. They skied for the very first time 15 months before the expedition started.

In fact, a Norwegian, Aleksander Gamme, could have beaten the Justin Jones and James Castrission, but he waited for the Australians three kilometers before the finish line, so they all could cross it together. Great sportsmanship from our own Aleksander Gamme.

Emil Eide Erikssen was also on stage telling his story of rowing across the Atlantic Sea. An impressing story about two years of preparing, sore buttocks, courage, and battling the harsh sea.

Three fantastic men on stage with impressive, entertaining and inspiring stories to tell, made this a great night to remember. Thank you Cas, Jones and Emil!



“En reise til helvete og tilbake” – bli med på “Man in Extreme Environments”

Plakat Man in Extreme 2015Kjære alle eventyrlystne, ventetiden for ett nytt Man in Extreme Environments er snart over. Dette er tredje gang Man in Extreme Environments arrangeres og tidligere år har vi blitt trollbundet av fantastiske historier fra de store dyp til verdensrommet. Årets program er minst like unikt som tidligere utgaver og CERG har den store gleden å invitere alle til en storslått kveld på Brukbar/Blæst Fredag 18 desember kl 1900.

Se bilder fra Man in Extreme Environments 2013 med Paul Rose, Børge Ousland og Christopher McDugall her!

Årets program består av følgende foredragsholdere:

1.      Emil Eide Eriksen – “Rowing the Atlantic”

Vi trengte ikke gå lenger enn til Trondheim for å finne en som har gjort noe svært imponerende. I 2011 rodde han og en kamerat 5000km i 59 dager non stop, uten noen eksterne forsyninger, i en 6,9 meter lang robåt, tvers over Atlanterhavet.

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Man in Extreme Environments

We have no words. Besides, it is pretty late in the evening. Therefore we just say TUSEN TAKK to Paul, Børge and Christopher for sharing their fantastic experiences from extreme environments with us this evening. Keeping in mind the words of Christopher (“Born To Run” author), when claiming that the most extreme environment of all for men is being inside, in a warm house: Get out there, move your body, and use it the way it was intended as a human animal! 

Thanks to all our speakers, guests and public and sponsors during this seminar – we hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have!

You also find pictures from the evening at our facebook page.