Does exercise in pregnancy work?

gravidmageThose who followed our advent calender here on the blog may remember that one of days was dedicated to exercise during pregnancy and the benefits of that. Researchers in Texas recently published a paper on the positive effects of exercise in pregnant women. Totally 91 women were included and randomly allocated in one exercise group and one control group. They found that the group that followed current guidelines for exercise in pregnancy was in a remarkably better shape throughout the pregnancy. These women performed moderate aerobic exercise 45-60 min, 4 days per week, through 36 weeks. There were no significant differences in birth weight and length of pregnancy between the two groups, which indicates that exercise is associated with low risk. However, an important difference was significantly fewer cesarean deliveries in the exercise group. Reducing the number of cesarean deliveries is of great importance in order to limit complications in both mother and child, as well as economical costs. The researchers also found that the mother needed shorter time to get back to daily activity and housework if she had been physically active during the pregnancy.

Trine Moholdt, researcher at CERG.