Communication of scientific data – The CERG approach

Professor Ulrik Wisløff speaking under Bondi Fitness Festival. Rowers in front. Audience in the backgroundCommunication and dissemination is an important part of the research chain. Unfortunately, scientists too often overlook communication with the general public, or tend to speak our ”tribal” language, making it hard to understand the implications of scientific results.

Within the CERG group we work hard with this aspect, and try to reach out to the general public through several social media channels, user-friendly health and physical activity tools, media contributions, welcoming visitors to our lab, and attendance at both scientific and public events. Having many followers of our work humbles us, and we hope our effort in communicating the implications of our research is helping as many people as possible.

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Twitter and Heart Disease

twitter-bird-white-on-blueAre you on Twitter? Do you frequently curse or make use of inappropriate language on Twitter? If your answer is YES, be aware that, according to a newly published scientific article, you are more susceptible to die of a heart disease.

If that’s true or not we don’t really know. But let’s go through the facts already known by the scientific community, as well as through the some important details of this specific investigation before we make any statement about it.

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