Today’s CERG seminar

The annual seminar of the CERG group has taken place today. The program consisted of updates on ongoing research in the group, which were very interesting and inspiring. The seminar was concluded with a presentation by Stig Omholt, director at Centre for Integrative Genetics (CIGENE) and professor at NTNU. He held a very interesting talk on the challenges of bioinformatics in cardiovascular disease.

There are certainly lots of exciting projects going on in the group, and judging by the amount of ideas, questions and comments from the audience, we can hope for more groundbreaking projects in the future.

Some pictures:

Very enthusiastic Natale Romes telling about aerobic exercise in diabetic mice

Svein Erik Gaustad – Generation 100

Stig Omholt

The winter came to Trondheim during the day! Hard to tell from this picture, but for people crazy about skiing and winter sport just a few snow flakes are enough to be euphoric:)

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