A Revolutionary Metric System to Help Your Lifestyle – CERG research in new Fitness app

Ulrik WisløffJanuary 6th, the fitness app Mio PAI is launched during CES 2016 in Las Vegas. The app is based on CERG research.

“This is based on solid medical research. We have developed an algorithm, PAI – personal activity intelligence, which relies on the data from The HUNT Study,” CERG leader, Professor Ulrik Wisløff, explained to Adresseavisen.

Wisløff thinks the app could revolutionize the measurement of exercise effects.

“PAI score adapts the individual user’s lifestyle and creates customized targets that are realistic to achieve. As long as the heart rate reaches a certain zone for a certain period, the user will achieve maximum health impact”, Wisløff told the Norwegian newspaper.

PAI is based on incredibly robust data. With a large population we have studied over many years, through The Hunt Study, this is unique.

The app is already available, but later this spring, Mio Global also launches a new fitness tracker that is customized for PAI, Mio Slice.

“Even with all the personal data you can collect these days on your health and fitness, until now, there’s never been a standard for how active you personally need to be in order to stay healthy,” said Liz Dickinson, CEO of Mio Global. “We hope to inspire and educate health-conscious and fitness-minded individuals by offering a new, more personalized metric to achieve goals based on their own unique physiology.”

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